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Following the chairmanship of the TOBB Foreign Relations Commission, Koçak was selected as the TOBB representative at the Work and Industry Commission of the OECD (The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which was established in Paris in 1960, of which Turkey is a founding member, currently has a membership of 34 countries including USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, England, and France.


OECD is the umbrella organization for these 34 countries which work in collaboration to solve the economic, social and administrative problems posed by globalization, and to make use of the opportunities generated by the process.


Turkey’s assuming the Chairmanship of the 2012 Council of Ministers of this international organization after 26 years is an indicator that we are an increasingly active contributor of the OECD. 


The National Work, Industry and Employer Organizations of the OECD member states form the Work and Industry Consulting Committee (BIAC). This organization is a part of the Union, and to represent the TOBB which is a part of BIAC, the business representative of OECD, Ruhi Koçak, the President of the Tarsus Chamber of Commerce was elected. 

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